Primary Care Provider

Deer View Family Medicine

Deer View Family Medicine offers quality healthcare for patients of all ages and stages of life in Bucks and Montgomery counties. We combine current best practices in healthcare with an old-fashioned style of delivery, resulting in a vastly improved experience with your primary care doctor. We utilize modern technology enabling you to connect with your family medicine physician via text, email or telemedicine when a visit is either impossible or unnecessary. We even offer house calls when necessary. At Deer View Family Medicine, we work directly with you, not your insurance company, to provide the best possible healthcare for you and your family.

Dr. Tiffany Leonard MD

I was born and raised in Rock Springs, Wyoming and attended the University of Wyoming before moving to Pennsylvania for medical school at Penn State College of Medicine. I then went on to do residency in Family Medicine at Chestnut Hill Hospital in Philadelphia.

When I am not working I enjoy hiking, kayaking, skiing and other outdoor activities with my husband and friends.  My husband and I are on ski patrol in upstate New York, which is a fun way to mix our love of skiing with my love of medicine.

Many people have asked me “why Deer View?”

My husband and I spend a lot of time outdoors, exploring nature.  There is nothing more soothing to me than watching a family of deer graze and frolic.  Also, the deer is often viewed as a symbol of regeneration and one of the main reasons I started this practice is to help patients improve their health and in a way regenerate their lives.


Following residency I worked inpatient at one of the local hospitals for several years before taking a clinic job with one of the local hospital systems.

Within a short time, I realized that our healthcare system is broken. Patients are spending too much money for fractured care, and doctors are being forced to provide rushed incomplete care.

I began looking for ways to improve it, and I found a solution in Direct Primary Care.  Once health insurance is removed from equation, patients get better care and doctors get more time to provide comprehensive care, all at an overall reduced price tag. Deer View Family Medicine has enabled me to once again provide healthcare the way it should be.

Dr Leonard in nature