Direct Primary Care Benefits

Why Become a Member?

As a patient of Deer View Family Medicine, you will have benefits not afforded to most patients in traditional practices, at no additional cost.

An introductory, comprehensive evaluation

Dr. Leonard has been teaching residents and medical student for years, so she knows a comprehensive evaluation cannot be done in 10-15 minutes. Your first exam will be thorough so Dr. Leonard can obtain a complete medical history. This exam will likely take about an hour, but may take up to 90 minutes depending on your medical history. We will discuss your overall health, your specific goals, and the recommended health screenings and other preventive actions individualized for your specific circumstances. Subsequent visits will also not be hurried, but will go smoother once she knows you well.

More complete, satisfying visits

Dr. Leonard wants to get to know you so that she can provide the best medical care possible, and she just can’t do that well if you are rushed. You will have time to ask all your questions, and she wants to ensure there is a shared understanding of the visit and your care. Of course, Dr. Leonard also respects your time, and visits will be tailored to your time restraints as well. This is personalized healthcare, individualized for you, because you deserve it!

House calls

There may be times when you may not be able to come into the office, there may be times when house calls are more convenient, and there may be times when home visits enable Dr. Leonard to provide better care. A survey of your living conditions may reveal opportunities to reduce risks, such as trip and fall hazards or fire risks. A quick peak in your refrigerator may enable her to better tailor your nutritional or diet goals.

Primary Care Doctor for Bucks County

Direct access to your doctor

Because there is no bad time to receive great care, Dr. Leonard will be available to you when you need her. Although the office is not open 24/7, she will be available to you after regular business hours. Medical care is provided at a time and place that is most convenient for you. Sometimes this means we will manage your health care needs by phone, text, email, or webcam. When she is unavailable (i.e. vacation) she will ensure coverage from a physician she trusts.

Family Practice Doctor

Same-day and next-day appointments

With a limited patient panel, you will always be a priority and we will make time for you when you need us. We never want you to feel like you were “squeezed in”. While most family doctors manage thousands of patients, Dr. Leonard will limit her practice in the hundreds.

Modern technology to access your health care team

In addition to office visits, you will be able to access our team through phone, text, email, webcam, etc.

Price transparency and discounted medications, labs, and imaging

We don’t believe in hidden fees! Our pricing is clear and straightforward, and we are continually working to negotiate the lowest prices for ancillary services (labs, imaging, medications, etc), so we can pass the savings along to you. What we can do in our office is included in your monthly service fee. What we cannot do, we try to get you the best rates possible.

Experience the Direct Primary Care Difference