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About Dr. Leonard

Dr. Tiffany Leonard
Tiffany Leonard, MD graduated from the University of Wyoming with a bachelors degrees in Molecular Biology. I then went on earn my medical degree from the Penn State College of Medicine in Hershey, Pennsylvania. I completed my residency in Family Medicine at Chestnut Hill Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. Following completion of residency I began working nights at Abington Memorial Hospital, covering the non-teaching inpatient services. After doing this for several years I wanted to return to my primary care training and so took a position with the Aria Health System, where I was faculty at the Aria Family Medicine Residency Program while working as a solo-provider in the Bridesburg neighborhood of Philadelphia.
While working for Aria (later Jefferson) I began realizing that healthcare is not what I believe it should be. I’ve had several patients refer to the current healthcare system as “production line medicine” and I’ve come to realize that my patients and I deserve better. My patients deserve a physician who has the time to listen to them, to talk to them, and to help them understand what is really going on with their health, not someone who is forced to spend less than 10 minutes with them, trying to check off checkbox after checkbox to keep the insurance companies happy all the while restricting my time for actual care to less than 7 minutes (on average). I couldn’t do this and be satisfied that I was actually providing care to my patients. So I began looking for a better way. That was when I discovered Direct Primary Care. It seemed to be the answer to my concerns – a way to provide real care to patients when they need it, not when you can squeeze them in to an already overfull schedule. A way to discuss what is important to the patient, not what is important to their insurance company. Most importantly, a way to help my patients reclaim their power over their own healthcare decisions instead of being held to the decisions their insurance makes for them. The best part is that this model of care offers all of these advantages while often costing less than traditional medical care. It is my goal to use this model of care, and this office, to help each of my patients set and reach their own personal health goals, and empower you to take control of your wellness.
Aside from medicine, I enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking (though I do not get to do much of this), waterskiing (though I am not very good), and I am on ski patrol in upstate New York where I serve as the local medical director. I spend a great deal of time teaching first aid and rescue techniques to new and established ski patrollers. When I am not in the office you can expect to find me either on a lake or on a mountain enjoying the fresh air and taking in the scenery.